Private Finance comments on UK Finance Mortgage Lending Trends

Shaun Church, Director at Private Finance, comments on the publication of the UK Finance Mortgage Lending Trends for October 2019.

“The home-mover market is slowly getting back up and running, with the number of completions up 4.2% month-on-month. Thursday’s election result has delivered some clarity, in that some form of Brexit now seems inevitable. This greater certainty is likely to release pent-up demand, as the many sellers and buyers that have sat on their hands for the past couple of years will now be galvanised to pursue their home-moving ambitions.

“Easing house prices should also inspire prospective buyers to make a purchase. This window of opportunity won’t stick around forever, with prices likely to nudge back up as more activity returns to the market. Buyers that are seriously considering making a move in the New Year should act quickly to take advantage of the discount priced into many properties up and down the UK, as well as the ultra-competitive mortgage rates currently on offer.”


Kindly shared by Private Finance