Online document storage with a PIP Vault – Auction tech for PT market – now

Combining technology with skills in estate agency, property auctions and conveyancing, PIP Vault offers a new platform agnostic tool to help store documents for fast access and enable hassle free communications between stakeholders in the residential sales market.

Documents are kept safe and secure in one place leaving conveyancers and estate agents more time to focus on what they do best.  There is lots of talk about upfront documents but none on how to easily store, and access them.

Selling residential properties by private treaty can take several months. Meanwhile, auctions have taken advantage of technology to help speed up the process by using online data rooms for years. They provide buyers with all the important documents upfront and in one place, allowing for contracts to be exchanged much more quickly.

PIP Vault have taken the auction concept and applied it to private treaties, reimagining the future of residential sales. When an estate agent registers for a data room, they can invite stakeholders to view, edit and upload any documents related to the property. This helps streamline the process, halving the time to complete and reducing the fall through rate.

Kelly Davies, Director of Fodens Solicitors, said:

“We work with several estate agents who have registered for PIP Vault, and have seen how it can dramatically speed up the conveyancing process. Once they have a buyer, they give us the secure login details so we can access and upload all the documents in one place, following strict due diligence.

“It also gives buyers total transparency right from the start. With the traditional way of doing things, they often don’t get detailed information about the property until the very end. But by using PIP Vault, they can enter into the sale with total confidence. This helps reduce the number of buyers who back out from a property purchase, so using this works out well for everyone involved.”

Estate agents are currently signing up to PIP Vault for free until 31 March 2021. Head to their website,, for more information about how conveyancers can benefit from the same easy path to digitise and streamline the residential sale process, or contact them on to book a demo.


Kindly shared by Property Information Products (PIP)

Main article photo courtesy of Pixabay