Long-standing tax barrister launches alternative chamber model to better-serve conveyancer

One of London’s longest-standing tax barristers has today, (Wednesday 10th February, 2021) launched a “work from anywhere” (WFA) chambers – offering an alternative to the traditional chamber model – which is said to reduce end-client fees and wait times for conveyancers who require specialist advice.

Patrick Cannon, who was called to the Bar in 2003 and authors Tolley’s Stamp Taxes annually, has founded Cannon Chambers with the objective of providing a client-focused barrister set without the high overheads of a presence in one of London’s Inns of Court.

Long-standing tax barrister launches alternative chamber model to better-serve conveyancer

Patrick Cannon, Cannon Chambers

Cannon Chambers will provide members with the core services of a traditional chambers – including full clerking and marketing support, distribution of work and knowledge sharing – as well as the additional benefit of geographical flexibility, but with lower annual fees.

Mr. Cannon said:

“The model benefits clients, because our specialist barristers can reflect the cost-saving in their client fees. We know that solicitors, accountants, tax advisers and even direct public access clients, often prefer to use a chambers rather than a stand-alone barrister, because they feel that chambers are more supportive and inspire greater confidence. And our business structure means that clients are able to work with the most-suited specialist for them – not just the geographically closest – whilst being able to gain advice within hours, not days.”  

With ambitions for Cannon Chambers to become the largest set of its type by late-2022, Mr Cannon believes that his business launch has arrived at just the right time for the legal profession.

Having experienced at first-hand the frustration of paying chambers fees to fund eye-wateringly-high London rents, he stated:

“The legal profession is renowned for being inherently slow on technological uptake, but the pandemic has forced its hand and sped up the process. In 2020, I found myself asking why I was paying for the privilege of a prestigious address within Lincoln’s Inn when I was WFA and attending client conferences and court and tribunal hearings via video. Our industry is embracing the new way of working and it is clearly beneficial for all involved, especially clients.

“I thought long and hard about leaving my old chambers – I had been a member for 17 years – but I felt compelled by the opportunity to offer barristers and our prospective clients  something new.”

Cannon Chambers currently employs a senior clerk and will appoint further clerking staff by the end of 2021, aiming to become the ‘go-to’ set for advice on civil and criminal tax disputes with HMRC. It also specialises in challenges to tax avoidance schemes and action against professional and other advisers who mis-sold aggressive tax avoidance schemes.

Mr. Cannon said:

“We want to attract talented and experienced barristers and the most challenging cases, and our flexible and values-driven approach makes us an ideal home for such talent. There are other ‘virtual’ chambers but none, so far, which have attracted the level of high performing barristers which we seek.”


Kindly shared by Cannon Chambers