Land Registry Applications – There is Room for Improvement

I sometimes come across lawyers complaining about how long it takes the Land Registry to register title.

According to Andrew Robertson, Head of Customer Policy at the Land Registry responding to a comment on a blog entitled ‘Opening our conveyancer data’ commented  ‘… we aren’t able to process in the region of 40% of the applications we have pending because we’re waiting for something else to be provided or done before they can proceed’.

The top 5 reasons for requisition are as follows:
1. Restrictions (20%) – consents or certificates needed to satisfy the terms of restrictions on the register
2. Discharges (13%) – discharge of charge evidence needed
3. Variations and discrepancies in names (11%)
4. Signing and witnessing of deeds (6%)
5. Identity verification issues (3%)


Kindly shared by Simon Seaton, non-practising Solicitor