Handbook Changes – Top Lenders Start 2018 with Updates

It has been a busy start to 2018 when it comes to lenders changing their Handbook instructions. Three weeks into the new year eleven lenders have updated their instructions via Part 2 of the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook for conveyancers. Twenty six sections have been changed.

Examples of top lenders who have updated their Part 2s in 2018 include:
  • Halifax
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Santander
  • The Mortgage Business
  • Atom Bank

LENDERmonitor provides protection to conveyancers from the risk of missing updates to Part 2 of the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook. With the LENDERmonitor alert service, solicitors and conveyancers receive an email notification any time lenders of interest make changes to their policies.

Staying abreast of policy changes is particularly important at a time when lenders are making a significant number of changes and solicitors and conveyancers are at greater risk of being sued for non-compliance with lender requirements.


Kindly shared by Simon Seaton – Non-Practising Solicitor