Conveyancing: Sorting by Price

Sorting by price is the dominant way conveyancing online now happens with most consumers picking the lowest advertised price

If you think I am wrong, ask those firms who are the most expensive on comparison sites how much business they win compared to those publishing lowest fees. Just like cheapest airline ticket or cheapest insurance or freelancer the lowers price comes up first, and most people click.

This is ideal for the comparison sites as it’s simple to build. The price is a number, and it’s easy to sort.

It suits the lazy conveyancing firm and it’s great for the naive consumer. If a potential client can’t take the time to learn about the options, about quality, about side effects, then it seems like buying the cheapest is the way to go–surely all conveyancing lawyers offer the same service anyway?

For the law firm nothing is easier to improve than price. Low price conveyancing is the domain of the conveyancing firm who doesn’t have anything more meaningful to offer. It takes no nuance, it’s a short term win with no long-term advantage, no concern about the big picture or long term health of the firm. Simply become more brutal, demand more from your lawyers and cut every corner you can. And then blame the system.

Yet most of us understand that it makes no sense to hire someone merely because they are the cheapest. After-all how many of us would pick a book or a movie or a restaurant simply because it costs the least.

Ask yourself this question:  how often is the cheapest choice the best choice?

Kindly shared by Simon Seaton – Non-Practising Solicitor