British Property Federation Reaction: Conservative Party Conference

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy (Real Estate) at the British Property Federation, comments on announcements made at today’s Conservative Party Conference.

‘We welcome the Government’s commitment to devolution and we look forward to renewed momentum.

‘However, we are cautious about the further expansion of permitted development rights to allow property owners to build up to two additional stories to purpose-built flats and detached houses. At a time when the industry is prioritising community engagement and increasing transparency, allowing significant alterations to properties without formal engagement could alienate the communities we need to be supportive.

‘Planning departments have seen some of the most severe cuts of any local authority service, with per-person spend on planning falling by 55 per cent between 2010/11 and 2017/18. A part of the solution could be changes to process being contemplated via the Accelerated Planning Green Paper, but a part of any solution must also be additional resource. ’


Kindly shared by British Property Federation (BPF)