InfoTrack announces additional webinars for the September and October 2023

InfoTrack has announced more additions to its list of webinars that are scheduled to take place in September and October 2023.


Redemption Statements
    • Date: 31 August 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

Discover the benefit of LMS’s Secure Link technology, more specifically the Redemption Statement feature, which you can access via InfoTrack.

This session will include:

* An overview of the LMS and InfoTrack partnership

* An introduction to the current feature accessible through InfoTrack

* The key benefits of utilising the Redemption Statement solution


Commercial Land Registry Pre-completion
    • Date: 1 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

Navigating Land Registry pre-completion often entails handling intricate legal documents and forms, a time-consuming process which when completed in bulk is prone to time-consuming errors.

Unlock a more efficient approach with InfoTrack’s innovative bulk management tools to drastically reduce processing time for multiple tasks at once. Join us as we explore how you can manage vital tasks in less time for your commercial property transactions. We’ll cover everything including:

* An overview of InfoTrack’s bulk management tools

* How to interrogate Corporate and Commercial Ownership data

* Submitting Land Registry Office Copies and OS Priorities all in bulk


Ecos – TA forms
    • Date: 4 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

While much is made (not least by us) of the importance of slick verification of Identity and Funds during the onboarding process, one of the features of eCOS that gets the most praise from users is how we’ve made Protocol Forms easier to complete for your customers, and easier for you to manage.

Join us as we demonstrate how eCOS enables:

* Easy completion of personal details, seller questionnaires, and HMLR protocol forms

* Early identification of missing information,

* Automated reminders for documentation not received

* Firm-wide dashboard showing all outstanding documents and signatures

* And more…


What’s new in Fire Safety?
  • Date: 5 September 2023
  • Time: 11:00 a.m.
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Webinar content:

Fire safety is clearly a big topic for homebuyers, leaseholders, landlords and regulators. For conveyancers however, it can be a challenge to know exactly what guidance to offer to what customers.

Join Roxanne Bailey, InfoTrack’s resident Reports on Title expert, as she demonstrates how our Property Report solution:

* Provides always the most up-to-date guidance from the Building Safety Act and related regulations

* Pre-populates information where appropriate

* Flags relevant sections for conveyancers to check and approve easily

* Enables sections to be added and removed in a single mouse click


Populating AP1s from Deeds
    • Date: 6 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

With InfoTrack, your AP1 forms can now be effortlessly filled directly from Deeds.

Leveraging the latest AI and document analysis technology from Amazon Web Services, you can now seamlessly extract information from TR1s, TP1s, and Charges, subsequently populating and validating your AP1 forms. This process not only saves you time but also enhances accuracy.

Join us at 11:00 am to discover how you can:

* Quickly populate your AP1 form using data from your uploaded TR1, TP1 and Charge documents

* Eliminate errors by ensuring correct formatting of personal representatives, power of attorneys, and other party roles.

* Easily identify any inconsistencies between the deeds and the AP1 form through our validation tools.


The importance of understanding easements for commercial property
    • Date: 6 September 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

The laws relating to easements are complicated, especially for commercial real estate transactions. Understanding and complying with the necessary legal formalities which apply to this area of law can be challenging.

Delivered by expert speakers Anthony O’Hanlon, Head of Customer Development and Chantelle Wren, Associate Underwriting Director from CLS Property Insight, we will take a deep dive into easements, highlighting key areas to be aware of, including:

* What is an easement, and why are they important?

* Types of easement and how they are created

* Prescriptive easements

* Ending an easement

* Commercial case studies, including Kingsgate Development Projects Ltd v Jordan

* CLS easement policies


UK Finance Lender Handbook
    • Date: 7 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

Compliance and risk mitigation will always be high on the list of things keeping conveyancers awake at night. With changes to regulation and the mortgage market happening frequently, staying on top of your obligations can be stressful.

Join us to learn how InfoTrack helps you stay compliant with lenders’ latest requirements and Cor Practice Management Standards:

* View Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the Lenders’ Handbook for all lenders in England and Wales

* Save a copy of all answers checked to your file

* Sign up to receive alerts when lenders make a change to Part 2


Digital data layers
    • Date: 8 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

When it comes to identifying and mitigating risk, you can never have too much data. Knowing what to do with it is sometimes the challenge.

InfoTrack’s commercial property solutions provide over 100 data layers that can easily be added to your property maps for early warnings of:

* Environmental issues including flood risk, historic landfill and brownfield sites.

* Conservation areas, local planning applications & restrictions

* Public rights of way

* Major infrastructure projects

* And much more.

Plus, we’ll demonstrate how our collaborative workspace enables you to easily share information with your clients, and drill down into title and ownership information to understand exactly who owns what.


Ecos – Introducing the Ecos Legal App
    • Date: 11 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

Onboarding your clients with eCOS just got even easier! Join us as we demonstrate how your clients can complete all onboarding tasks via the eCOS Legal mobile app.

We’ll demonstrate just how easy it is for anyone with an Android or Apple phone to complete:

* Onboarding forms

* Verification of Funds

* Verification of ID and AML

* And validate submitted data with Signatures.


Reporting in Sections
    • Date: 12 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

The title report holds immense importance for home buyers throughout the entire transaction process.

Timely delivery is of utmost importance to homebuyers, as it enables them to assess the property’s legal standing and make informed decisions about their purchase. A delayed or incomplete title report can lead to uncertainty and may even jeopardise the entire transaction.

Join us at 11:00 am to discover how InfoTrack’s report on title solution can help you divide the report into sections, making it easier for homebuyers to review and understand the information.

Discover how you can enhance the efficiency of your title report process, ensuring that buyers can promptly access the crucial details they need.


Validating deeds and reducing requisitions
    • Date: 13 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

Requisitions – we all hate them, and we all know the impact they have on the speed at which transactions get completed. And yet, around 20% of all transactions are affected by missing or incorrect information.

One of the most common causes of requisitions is incorrect or inconsistent information in deeds, where information such as borrowers’ names or lenders’ details may vary from those on the AP1.

Join us as we demonstrate how InfoTrack’s updated AP1 functionality helps you to validate key information in your deeds and transfer documents, reducing the risk of related requisitions.

We’ll also show you how to:

* Regenerate and amend information relating to affected parties

* Manage and monitor requisitions directly through the platform

* Send messages and supporting information direct to your Land Registry case worker


Practical implications for practitioners on the Building Safety Act
    • Date: 13 September 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

The Building Safety Act incorporates Leaseholder Protection provisions relating to flats in buildings that meet the definition of a “Relevant Building”. The provisions in the Act and lenders requirements arising from it are resulting in significant issues for residential conveyancers and their clients.

We’ll be joined by David Keighley, solicitor, expert trainer and writer on residential property matters, who will cover issues arising from the Building Safety Act 2022, the updated Government guidance on the Act, and the UKFML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2 requirements.

These will include:

* the meaning of the key terms in the BSA 2022, namely:

* Qualifying leases and leaseholders

* Relevant buildings

* Relevant defects

* Leaseholder and Landlords Deeds of Certificate

* UKFML Handbook Para 5.14.17: Building safety requirements

* Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 – duties of the “Responsible Person”

* Practical issues


Documents generation, contract of sale, TA13, TR1
    • Date: 14 September 2023
    • Time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Webinar content:

You will be familiar with much of the core functionality of the InfoTrack platform such as managing your onboarding or managing your post completion tasks. You may be less familiar with some of the seller-side functionality we also provide to reduce the friction of the conveyancing process for all parties.

Join us as we take a moment to explore how InfoTrack can help sellers’ conveyancers:

* Compile comprehensive Contract Packs that bundle together all key seller information, from EPCs and title plans to TA Forms

* Complete Land Registry TR1 documents within the InfoTrack platform

* Create and edit Law Society TA13 Completion information & Undertakings

* Save all relevant documents directly to your CMS


CQS update – what’s new in 2023
    • Date: 21 September 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

A number of important changes to the CQS have been introduced by The Law Society this year which will impact on all CQS accredited firms, including:

* Compulsory SRO exam

* New Scheme rules

* New Application Portal

Given the strict timescales and processes that firms will need to comply with to ensure their CQS accreditation isn’t compromised, the CQS Application Portal will be of particular interest to CQS firms.

We’ll be joined by CQS Lead Assessor, Tracy Thompson, who will shed light on each of the changes, and explain how each will need to be complied with, as well as providing an update on the common assessment issues being encountered by CQS accredited practices.


HMLR: Local Land Charges update and the impact for conveyancers
    • Date: 27 September 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

HM Land Registry is continuing to work with all local authorities in England and Wales to ensure the progression of digitisation and migration of their local land charges data into a single, centralised register.

We’ll be joined by Leanne Wright, Customer Delivery Manager and Gill Parish, Customer Account Manager, from HMLR’s Local Land Charges Programme.

The session will provide an update on:

* where HMLR are with current migrations, as well as their plans for the future.

* major milestones for the programme.

* how HMLR are improving live service for their users.

* how the changes will affect conveyancers.


Planning & Building Regulations: A guide for Conveyancers
    • Date: 3 October 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

The ongoing evolution of housing, planning and development regulations in the UK means conveyancers need to stay up to date to keep transactions moving. InfoTrack is delighted to be joined by Anthony O’Hanlon, Head of Customer Development and Kelly McDonnell, National Sales Manager, at CLSQ, who will provide an informative and interactive webinar on Planning and Building regulations, their effect on the residential conveyancing process and the range of policies available to help progress property transactions.

Key topics covered in this 45-minute session include:

Part 1: Overview and key issues:

* Building Regulations

* Planning Permission

* Planning and Permitted Development FAQs

Part 2: Case Studies:

* Cottingham vs Attey Bower & Jones

* Enforcement on Conservatory

Part 3: Insurance Solution:

* Lack of Planning and/or Building Regulations Policy

* Insurance Policy FAQs


Improved CQS compliance through integration with InfoTrack

Note: This webinar was originally scheduled for 19 September 2023.

    • Date: 18 October 2023
    • Time: 2:00 p.m.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Webinar content:

Integrating your Case Management System with other software solutions, such as InfoTrack, can play a significant role in helping law firms comply with the CQS Core Practice Management Standards.

Join InfoTrack’s National Sales Manager, Lisa Edwards, to explore how integrated systems enable your firm to:

* Automate workflows, reducing risk of error

* Centralise information management, establishing a single source of truth

* Get real-time updates and alerts when key tasks and deadlines are approaching

* Establish a clear audit trail across transactions


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