As one of the leading sources of information for residential property lawyers in England and Wales, Inside Conveyancing is proud to introduce, free of charge to its Members, a mobile app offering a unique facility for conveyancing experts to contribute with unique insights and quality answers.

The Inside Conveyancing App provides property lawyers with a pool of information that is constantly updated with the facility to ask questions of property law experts at any time.  Only Inside Conveyancing Members are authorised to join.

The private network App, which is free to join, provides easy accesses to the community’s collective professional knowledge whilst allowing each participant to manage efficiently their own private knowledge database.

The App, available in Google Play and the Apple Store is based on leading software experts Item BI’s innovative technology platform and provides the conveyancing community with a cutting edge solution to their professional needs. It empowers to help lawyers find out what they need to know and share what they want to share.

The main features of the network include:

  • Intelligent search tool based on IBM’s Watson AI technology
  • Enable visitor to open each question and rate its value
  • Set personal time frames for questions and discussions
  • Direct access to experts within the community and much more

Members to the network thus enjoy a dedicated professional network, secluded from social media’s disturbing noises with the ability to raise and receive answers to targeted questions.

Inside Conveyancing would like to invite all its Members to join and collaborate with us, paving the way ahead for enabling advances in technology to empower us to work smarter, whilst on the move, and interact with our peers to achieve value, support and insight from the community within which we work.

To download the App go to Google Play or the Apple Store and look for Inside Conveyancing – it couldn’t be simpler.

We look forward to the journey ahead with all our Members.